Explorer discovers ‘creepy’ abandoned farmhouse with milk and jam still on table

An explorer has discovered a ‘creepy’ farmhouse that was seemingly abandoned in an instant as milk and jam are still on the kitchen table.

YouTube star Daniel Sims, 32, was shocked to find items were still in the house as it had been abandoned for nearly 20 years, after the last occupant left in 2003.

He ventured into the deserted farm in Shropshire in April in his latest adventure, and he found it chock full of memorabilia from the 30s and beyond, including some disturbing items that he wasn’t quite sure what to make of.

Some of these included “creepy” dolls arranged to look as if they are using the toilet and “racist” Golliwog figurines, leading Daniel to conclude the previous owner was a farmer and collector of toys.

He said: “It was really strange – as if the family had vanished and just left food and other household things where they were last used.

“The atmosphere was a little unnerving at first because it was so dark and we were in what seemed like the middle of nowhere. You never know what to expect or what you will come across, so moving around the house had us on our toes.”

Exploring with his friend, Hannah, Daniel, who documents his adventures for his online series, Bearded Reality, entered the property at night time via a previously smashed window.

In the video, the pair can first be seen looking through a shed, where they find stacks of old children’s books dating back to the 1930s and household appliances including irons.

Meanwhile, in the main house, they discover an old TV set surrounded by hay, a dusty bottle of a mysterious brown liquid and piles of children’s toys.

The kitchen appeared to be frozen in time with the kettle still on the stove, and a teacup, milk and jam next to it on the counter.

In the cupboards, jars of food remain next to a 1996 calendar.

As they continue further into the house, the duo get a shock as in the bathroom Daniel finds a doll propped up on the toilet, as if going to the bathroom.

In the video, he says: “Oh God, I just c***ped myself – I literally just nearly scared myself to death.

“Why would you put that there? Whoever put that there, you need your head shaken, Jesus, that scared me.”

He then calls his friend in to look, who screams and points out the doll has had its underwear pulled down.

Daniel said: “The dolls were by far the creepiest things to see in the farm – especially how they were set up.

“There were so many interesting things – it was like the occupants had just vanished so it gave off a really strange vibe. We found documents dating back to the 50s and a range of collectable items – it made the place a treat to see and experience.”

Daniel and his friend later stumbled across two Robertson’s Golliwog figurines.

Daniel is stunned and in disbelief, before going to take a closer look.

“It’s the original Robertson’s ones,” his friend says, showing him the statues.

The controversial figure is holding a guitar while another statue is playing an accordion.

Daniel said of the find: “Personally, from a historical point of view, I found it fascinating to see the figurines – you don’t really see this sort of thing anymore.

“Clearly it is racist and used with racist imagery, however looking on the outside, it was a different time and generation which was used to this and grew up with these sorts of things.

“It was a different time so no judgement there, and with what the previous owner had collected and saved over their lifetime, it was a real trip back in time and history.”