My step mum promised a stranger she could have my baby – she’s wasn’t up for adoption’

When it comes to TikTok, there’s something about the video-sharing platform that really inspires users to open up and share their secrets.

From behind-the-scenes facts about working at big companies to jaw-dropping real-life stories, you can find just about everything on the app.

And most recently one woman has shared a story that’s shocked over four million people.

A user who posts under the name @deseree_rose claims that when she was 20-years-old and pregnant with her first child, she discovered her step mum had told a couple they could adopt the baby – despite the unborn little girl not being up for adoption.

In the video, Deseree, who lives in the US, reenacts the moment she found out about the “secret adoption”.

She explains how she was about nine months pregnant at the time and at a shopping mall, when a woman she didn’t know approached her.

The woman said: “Oh my gosh, is that you, are you Deseree rose?”

She confirmed that she was and asked if she knew the other woman.

The stranger replied: “We haven’t been formally introduced, but my name is Wendy and that is my grandbaby in your belly.”

Baffled Deseree asked Wendy if she was somehow related to her boyfriend, but the woman was not.

“No, I’m Scott’s mother,” she said. “You know, Scott and Jerry, the couple that are adopting your baby.”

Wendy then explained how her hairdresser – Deseree’s step mum – had told them they could have the baby once she was born.

In a follow-up video Deseree adds: “Basically my stepmother had told this couple that they could adopt my daughter and I had no idea about any of this.

“Never once, did I tell her I wanted to give the baby up for adoption, in fact, I told her I didn’t want to give the baby up for adoption. She just is very controlling. I don’t know what to say, I don’t talk to her at all anymore.”

Millions of people have since watched Deseree’s TikTok video, with thousands liking and commenting.

One person said: “Noooo! That is so scary!!”

Another wrote: “Hold up. What.”

“That’s insane,” proclaimed a third.

Someone else added: “OMG I’m so sorry you even had to deal with that!”